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Pilates in the Valley

Mobility and Strength for Life

Welcome to Pilates in the Valley

Pilates in the Valley is a boutique studio dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals through mat Pilates, reformer and studio equipment Pilates. Our welcoming and personalised approach ensures that each session is catering for your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Pilates aficionado, your certified instructor is here to guide and support you on your Pilates journey. Join us today and experience the transformative power of Pilates.

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The Studio

This unique studio is perched up in the hills of Franklin overlooking the Huon River. The geodesic structure offers a unique exercise space, inviting you to de-stress and recharge right next to the forest edge. It is a refuge to take time out and focus on your body. ​The studio is equipped with a diverse range of Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Ped-o-Pull, Spine Corrector and Wunda Chair as well as small apparatus and assists to compliment Mat Pilates workouts. You will enjoy the breathtaking view over the beautiful Huon Valley while renewing your body and soul.

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My approach to Pilates

Pilates is all about reconnecting the body and mind to help create a deeper understanding our individual movement needs. Regular Pilates can help you to find your balance and renewed sense of body and mind connection while also 


  • improving endurance and tone

  • enhancing muscular strength

  • encouraging joint mobility and stability

  • challenging your balance and coordination

  • increasing overall resilience and fitness

A good Pilates session will always work the whole body. No matter whether on the Mat or in the Studio you will get a good workout for your core, shoulders, arms and legs.

For Pilates to be beneficial it is important to commit to regular practice, ideally 2-3 times a week, especially when new to the method. This is why I recommend class passes over casual sessions. Learning Pilates is learning a new life skill, it takes practice and repetition to integrate the new movement patterns into your life.  

My aim is to help people move better, cope better with day-to-day life, forge a deeper appreciation for the body we live in and gain confidence in our physical abilities. Pilates can do all this and more, when we are ready to truly commit to ourselves and show up. I know, because I have experienced it for myself. 

What I offer

New to the studio

To make sure that you can exercises safely and at a fitness level appropriate for you I ask all new clients to complete a New Client Questionnaire and see me for a one-on-one session first. This will allow me to get to know your movement patterns and also introduce you to the way I teach Pilates. After this first session we are ready to set you up with an exercise program that will best help you achieve your exercise goals. For new clients, I also offer a "Start Up Package" at a discounted rate. You can check all options on the pricing page.

Interested in joining the studio? Just email or call me and I will get you started.

Regardless of whether you are new to the method or a seasoned Pilates aficionado, Pilates can generally be practiced safely throughout pregnancy. With its large repertoire of exercises, there are plenty of options and modifications for every stage of pregnancy.


As your body is changing so will your exercise program. An open dialogue with your teacher is most important to adapt the program to what feels good to you. Prenatal Pilates promotes pelvic floor health, helps you to stay mobile and active during pregnancy and can set you up for better postnatal recovery.

Prenatal programs have to be started as early as possible in the first trimester. Postnatal programs usually start 6 weeks post delivery of your baby, but depend on your delivery experience. You need to be cleared by your doctor to start exercise before booking your first appointment.

Pre & Post- natal


"I can not recommend Marisa highly enough!!! I so look forward to working through my aches, pains and issues each week. It offers me a chance to stop and focus my mind while moving and strengthening my body. Marisa is so knowledgeable and personalises and adjusts every session to respond to your needs. I look forward to each session, and you will not find a more stunning and welcoming space. If you have ever wanted to try Pilates this is the place to start!!!"


"I can't recommend Pilates in The Valley enough! From start to finish, each session is an exceptional and transformative journey that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a personalised and effective Pilates experience. Marisa is phenomenal, her personalised approach makes me feel comfortable, confident, and motivated throughout each session.The studio itself really is the most beautiful and inviting space. It's warm, clean and well equipped with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment. Marisa's attentiveness to my needs and limitations is exceptional, and she seamlessly modifies exercises to accommodate any physical restrictions I have."


"Being a first timer to Pilates the unique studio provides a warm and welcoming environment to engage in one on one instruction. Marisa has made me feel welcome and supported in my Pilates journey. My specific needs have been understood and a program has been tailored to fit my individual requirements . Marisa is friendly, professional and passionate about Pilates and how it can benefit you."
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