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Studio Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms carefully before participating in any classes provided by Marisa Schlichthorst (the instructor) at Pilates in the Valley (ABN 83972495443). You will be asked to consent to these terms and agree to release the instructor from liability according to these terms.

Waver of Liability

You acknowledge that ...

  • You are over 18 years of age; or otherwise have provided parental consent.

  • The classes are a form of physical activity and that there are inherent risks in undertaking any form of physical exercise.

  • You have disclosed, or will disclose to the instructor any pre-existing conditions that may place you at a higher risk of injury or inhibit your ability to participate in a class, prior to the class commencing; this includes, but is not limited to:

    • injuries, pain or recent surgery

    • pregnancy or if you have recently given birth (past 12 months) or

    • respiratory or heart conditions or high blood pressure

  • you will notify the instructor if you experience any pain or injury throughout the class and will immediately stop participating in the class if requested by the instructor to do so.

  • based on information you provide the instructor may decide not to allow you to participate in a class or may require you to provide a medical certificate affirming that you are able to participate in a exercise.

  • Your instructor is not authorised to provide medical advice on any existing or arising health condition or suggest treatment for any condition.

  • If you experience any dizziness during an exercise class you should stop what you are doing, inform your instructor immediately and check in with your doctor if symptoms persist.

  • To the extent permitted at law, you release and hold the instructor harmless from any liability, cost, expense, damages or claims (including claims of negligence) arising from or which may be suffered or incurred in connection with your participation in any classes provided by the instructor.

  • The terms and conditions of this release form and waiver of liability are subject to change without notice.

Studio Policy

You understand that ...

  • Your tailored Pilates programme is developed based upon our sound teaching practice and the information you have provided about your physical health. You must therefore inform us about any change in your medical condition as soon as you become aware of it prior your next session or as changes arise.

  • When participating in group classes, exercises or instruction provided by the instructor may not be tailored for your needs and it is your responsibility to monitor your ability and communicate physical limitations to your instructor.

  • When participating in a studio/equipment-based session you should not attempt to adjust or interfere with any of the equipment unless you have been advised by your instructor to do so.

  • If you are a prenatal or postnatal client, you must consult with your physician and receive clearance to perform physical exercise.

  • Classes may be recorded for by the instructor for quality control, as well as promotional purposes and to help you with your homework. You will be asked for permission before this happens.

  • Our sessions need to be pre-booked, and bookings are non-transferable.

  • Vouchers for sessions are valid for 6 months and appointments need to be arranged in advance.

  • If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you must let Pilates in the Valley know at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time, otherwise the relevant service fee may be charged, or a visit deducted from your pre-purchased pack of sessions (at the discretion of the studio owner).

  • All packaged studio sessions (10 class pass) must be used within 12 weeks from the first appointment unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon with your instructor.

  • The Start-Up Studio Package must be scheduled for three consecutive weeks, unless otherwise discussed with the instructor.

  • Term passes are valid for the specified term and non-refundable and not transferrable.

  • You are asked to follow the studio’s Covid 19 safety steps and stay at home when you feel unwell or sick on the day.

  • In line with our hygiene and cleaning policy clean socks must be worn in the studio.

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