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More about me

I was born in Germany and relocated to Australia after completing my PhD in Business and Social Sciences in 2007. Aiming to keep up an active beach lifestyle while following a research career I spent over a decade working as an academic researcher in the fields of public health and mental health, adding an MPhil in Public Health to my qualifications while living and surfing at the Victorian Surf Coast.  

The increasing demands and sedentary nature of my work however started taking a toll on my work life balance and contributed to me developing chronic pain issues including back pain and unexplained neuropathic pain. On my journey to take back control over my health I eventually started taking Pilates sessions with Kellie Miller (Move Well With Me). Pilates helped me to reconnect with my body, work with my chronic pain, not against it and get back into more healthy movement. After experiencing the benefits of regular Pilates by working with Kellie for more than 7 years, I decided to become a certified Pilates Instructor to deepen my understanding and also to help others move better through life.

In 2021, the quest for a sustainable and holistic healthy lifestyle led my partner Tobi and I to relocate to Southern Tasmania where we now live on our off-grid rural property in the Huon Valley. We are now taking the next step in  designing a life of choice and care for self, the environment and community. We are now both working from home, running our own businesses, learning about sustainable and responsible living every day while  transforming our property into a thriving and food producing oasis. It is a privilege to be living alongside the very many wildlife creatures that call the forests around us home. I am very excited to share this magical place with my students and help others to find and cherish a mind-body connection and gain strength and mobility through Pilates.

Marisa Schlichthorst, Pilates Instructor and movement teacher
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