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Pilates in the Valley - Studio4

Pilates Retreats

In need of a break? Why not escape to the Huon Valley in the pristine and beautiful Southern Edge of Tasmania?


We offer boutique Pilates Retreat Packages ideal for a Mini Break, Holiday at Home option or that special experience to add to your Tassie holiday. You can book as an individual or for two. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and recharge, reconnect with your body and soak up the tranquillity the valley has to offer. Retreats will be arranged by appointment for a time that suits you and us. You can purchase vouchers to secure a spot for 2024.

Read more about our options below.

01 Pilates Escape

A half-day mini retreat (4 hours) which includes

  • Welcome drink & Meet and Greet

  • Pre-exercise assessment (30 min)

  • One reconnect and grounding session (30min)

  • Pilates program to align, mobilise and strengthen the body (60min)

  • One release and reset session (30min)

  • A garden and off-grid homestead tour

  • Refreshments and morning/ afternoon tea

  • Lunch hamper from locally grown organic produce

  • Available for 1 to 3 persons

02 2-Day Pilates Retreat

A two day-stay with 1 night on the property

  • Sleep in a luxurious Stargazer Lotus Bell Tent with wood fired heater and a queen sized bed  with memory foam mattress

  • Sweet dreams are guaranteed !!!

  • 2x 90 min Pilates sessions, 90 min each day, the program will be based on your goals and needs

  • Enjoy a Woodfired Sauna session with cold water plunge pool and views over the Huon Valley and River

  • Afternoon tea on first day

  • Lunch from locally grown organic produce

  • Hamper of home-made an locally sourced produce

  • Off-grid glamping bath hose with hot shower

  • Garden and homestead tour

  • Available for 1 or 2 persons


  • Staying closer to the ground on our 36acres property surrounded by Eucalyptus forest, native animals and the southern stars. If you're lucky, the Southern Lights will put on  a show.

  • Pilates in a Geodesic Dome with energetically pure, balancing and healing properties.

  • Digital detox and the opportunity to reconnect with your body.

  • Connecting with nature in comfort.

  • Sustainable living experience on our completely off the grid property.

  • Stunning views over the Huon Valley and River.

  • Organically home grown and local food.

  • And all the unique attractions that the Huon Valley has to offer.

Pricing Options

Pilates Escape for

1 person


Pilates Escape for

2 persons *


2-Day Pilates Retreat for 1 person


2-Day Pilates Retreat for 2 persons


* option for 3-person retreat available upon request; please get in touch

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